Reviews for "Political Duel"

Great fighting game! Controls are brilliant and simple. AI can be challenging which is a good thing! Very impressed with this. Im not even that big into fighting games (as of now) but this certainly has put me in the mood for more! Highly recommend giving this game a shot.

Awesome game! Played this since 2007-8!
Too bad the battle result date uses current date. I really want to see this game to be remade, or simply make Political Duel 3 with Rodrigo Duterte.

I found this to be a pretty good game. I will have to say the visuals could have been better. I don't think there have been that many fighting games here I've really liked. While it may look dated, that's to be expected. Kim Jong Un isn't much different anyway. It did work fine in its cheesiness.

A pity I'm really bad at this game. It seems to be mostly a game of luck at times. Of course, I imagine you have to really work with manuevers on this. I wish I'd see more good games from you guys. The announcing voice was funny too.

My God, so great. I admit I'm not into deep fighting games, so for me the is just as nuanced as I like it. Yeah, the voice is odd, but it just adds to the crazy nature of the game. The beautiful, crazy nature. And the music loop is awesome! I've been coming back to this one for years.

This Game is a little COOL...................