Reviews for "BEEBO Part 2"

*gasp* Can't breathe..

This movie was just too damned funny! Please, I beg of you.. MAKE MORE!

Beebo Rules!

I love these! Keep it up!

The Sliding Beebo Hypnotized Me!!!

I liked how you made Crocodile Dundee chew, and I loved the bit where Beebo blurs as he jumps for Dundee's throat. I happened to notice that the title said The Cat What Had Facial Hair. Might wanna change that... Overall good stuff though.

I Love Beebo

i get such a kick out of all of you stuff! Iwish my cat had facial hair

Beebo! Gimme da sandwich!

Heh. Nice job. May not be graphically the best on the Portal, but I do like your sense of humor. That or I just find sick, twisted pointless circumstances in my animation. Either way, take a look!