Reviews for "BEEBO Part 2"



I said it was a face-hugger!

That thing is awesome!


Isn't it the cat with fachial hair not the cat that what has facial hair but anyway harry and beebo make a pretty good team and don't mess with him or he will go crazy and shove a phone up your ass!

the cat what has facial hair

odd.. i thought i already wrote a review for this... guess i didn't hmm

anyways this is great i suggest watching it also "what the shit" is a great catch phrase i use it all the time YOU SHOULD AS WELL

Funny as hell

Beebo is one cool cat. He and Harry make a great team, despite the crap that Beebo has to put up with. I like the story for this and the visuals are just too damn funny. Voice acting was well done too. Damn good work.