Reviews for "BEEBO Part 2"


im sorry but that just sucked and i think i slept through it aswell! ill give you a 0 and 2 stars. 1 star for the effort and 1 cause i feel sorry for you if you think that funny

That must have been a good sandwich

YAY sandwich wars! That cat and his owner are nuts but in a good way.


what do u want? i want my sandwic! that was so funny


The no shirt, no shoes, no service thing. Beebo's owner met those requirements, but where the hell are his pants? Funny stuff none the less.



I watched number 01 on my PSP and i loved it but 02?! WHOAA

Im not watching 03 until im really piffed off.. Gave me a bundle of laughs!1

8/10 ...

You need to work on the Fighting skills and the movement.. not just move the full char like you did with the chef, just his arms and hands!

very good though!

Also dont use people who are dead or be rasist to aussies ;)