Reviews for "Baby Factory"


I think it should be 17+ , but that's off the point. If humans are made this way, then how are .... ummm ..... storks made?


wow...just....wow.. interesting,creepy,bloody and new to the eyes of mankind.... just how i like it!!!!

uhm ew?

i cant say anything good about it, but i probably shouldnt say the bad stuff about it, er, it was interesting i guess...

Greate idea

Great idea for a story... you should have worked on the animation and maybe make everything smoother than random jokes btw 300 i win you should have gone down a darker road than the humorous dont be afraid to break into the mature rating maybe make it more organized like a factory maybe the put the baby into the mother so its more of a coverup sniffing dog shit weird but priceless


it's very creepy nothing is funny to me it's just plain weird