Reviews for "Baby Factory"

Love it

I've watched this so many times and i still love it


WTF IS YOU BRAIN UPSIDE DOWN OR DO YOU EVEN HAVE ONE??....Anyway great animation the one i found the most funniest is when the man looses his legs and the bird is like:''I GOT YOUR LEG BITCH!

I don't really get the jokes.

First off the jokes you put in here weren't all that funny, the funniest one was "where do you think they get their penises from" they they show a duck writing as a girl looking for sex. Because that would actually be likely, next is the voices, people don't like that, like the old man in the beginning, what accent is that? I don't really have a problem with this, I just thought you would like to know, I gave it a 2.

this is quite funny

i dont know wtfh the guy below me's problem is because in my opinion this was alright. 1st off he cant exactly accuse you of stealing it because he doesnt even know who it belonged too or if it was really stolen, 2nd its called baby factory which straight away certified it was going too be a movie with no real plotline or scripting, 3rd the ideas where fine, ive seen a kfc guy taking away a chicken in almost everything involving chickens thats funny, the staring contest was actually new 2 me so your unborn fetus can go and do something useful, 4th the poor family thing was actually quite funny if u have a sense of humor. and overall im giving him credit too even animate this because i admit its not the best quality ever but atleast he made an effort. so stop being such a hater >:l

Read below

Well, that was terrible, in every aspect possible, legit.
First off, you stole the idea. From where? not sure anymore but i saw the original on youtube couple years ago. Furthermore the script was just... it was nothing, like if you would have had no voices it wouldn't have changed anything.

Second, animation is OK, hence you got 2 stars, but that is it, i honestly do not have any idea how this got front paged.

Music was alright, not gonna say it fit or anything it was just there like oxygen

Next time:
GET YOUR OWN DAMN IDEA, like legit, especially with the KFC guy, really? or the staring contest. like my unborn fetus could have had better ideas than you. Put more effort into the voice acting, script and the animation. i got all of the jokes but those were garbage jokes and WT - F was up with the poor family thing? like legit I doubt that i even cracked a smile.
In Summery:
Put more effort into,
Voice acting,
and in general more effort

PS: you deserve no starts for plagerizing.