Reviews for "Tom Fulp Experience"

Butta Baby

Just Butta =) Great Work!!


Well, that was...... interesting. Weird sense of humor, but it was funny! Make something like that, but longer. I can make the same in 2 days. (And I dont have ANY flash sofware) Go PowerPoint!


ZOMG lololololwtflmaoroflburgers time to kill some frnech fries. This movie is like, omg wowzorz, and it makes me feel all, you know, like i was just run over by a tank full of sprinkles but the sprinkles were manufactured by angry weasels in northern idaho, and by madness characters, so anyway im writing this review so i can copy and paste it into my EPIC SWF File coming soon to newgrounds, deviant art, sheezy art and other places, like dude this movie totally inspired me to,like write huge reviews and make movies!! any way im hireing vioce talent from my highschool and i like this movie because it is short sweet and to the point...but i hate fatbadger and the clocks because they intentionallymake shitty flash, i appreciate good artists like snowdragon and legendary frog who deserve to be featured on tv and wikipedia (legendary already has wiki) and this movie needs more violence, like ninjas or something to pump up the sad amout of action and violence that is lacking in swf files nowadays. seriously, they should add me in all movies, just kidding im a ninja but i cant act.. but ive never come out with a swf file on NG because of my very low budget ($0.00 a year) and totally yea and i need swf training.. wow totally this flash is rockin' but to be bangin' it needs ninjas and killing and less dancing cat..the cat should dance for three seconds and blow up or something..then a ninja should dance..then kill evil girlscouts..but the cookies are actually poisoned so other ninja have to stop the evil girlscouts from selling cookies to people and their other evil plan to turn brownie scouts into actual brownies and sell them..selling people is wrong..but ninja are soo right because i mean who doesnt want to see mass amounts of senseless killing and battle/violence.oh yea..totally, and about hillary clinton running for office, not gonna happen..instead of a democrat being president and pissing off all the repubs and banning guns, or a repub being president and pissing off the dems..and others, or a green becoming prez and pissing EVERYONE off, a very talented speaker..or better yet a NINJA should be president..of the world!! i mean think about it, having a freakin' ninja as the ruler of the world..yes there would be lots of death and killing, but those who dont like killing should go to an alien world..but then even the aliens would be like, "zomg those earthians have a freakin' ninja as a president/ruler..why didnt we think of that? but also the world needs more love...yea i had to say something mushy or the killing police will be like, "stop acting so player one ish/ ninja, you are killing too much" so there i said it..also i have some questions for the creators of "the tom fulp experiance", why did you make it soo short? its like killing a midget, you step on them and poof they're dead!, unless its a miget ninja, then it will go POOF then you're dead and i will be there to say "ha you moron, you got killed by a miget ninja!!" then he will try to kill me but i get the police to grab and arrest him for lying about his height on the internet..where was i going with this? oh yea, online videogames..every one should have a japanese guy..or even a ninja, in their flash cartoons,it will revolutionize modern flash..like the tomfulp experiance.woops spelled experience wrong, i hope i dont get killed by the spelling ninja..man if you forget to dot your T's or cross your I's..then forget you, because you will be so far dead and buried about 600 ft underground..thats how far he can bury you in one blow..i can do that to a whale by flicking it on their head..actually most ninja can do that..i remember back in my day..about 1/4 of the way into this review, getting a whale 600 feet underground was a require ment in one of my ninja exams..which come out of nowhere like pop quizzez but the pop is your neck cracking,but really good movie,it could use some more ninja/killing/violence, like a lot of things.btw im making a flash soon..so yea im out of characters so in the the words of the immortal ask a ninja, i look forward to killing you soon.

Stupid randomness

That was totally smoken, in the bad way

Wow... That was strange, liked the Bill Murray and Cyndi Lauper at the end, found myself being reminded of the secret ending to Bioshock Infinate.