Reviews for "Tom Fulp Experience"

I dont understand.

Whats it about, a car chase, a cat,a chubby cop, and a big gulp? Perhaps some color would have made it better, but it was over before i really got to understand. Seek to make more, but perhaps make em longer .

TremcladClock responds:

Probably had you read my commentary, you would have known that this is the sequel to an other film. You can't exactly make sense of this one without seeing the other one first.

Not bad.

I can't say it was my favourite flash of all time, but entertaining nonetheless. The way it was animated was very original(to Newgrounds anyway) and the whole concept was neat. But it could have made more sense, and maybe a little more animation, and little less pictures from Google. Keep up the good work. By the way, the cat. Was awesome!

ok... ?

I did not completely spot anything that was either funny, art-ish or worthy of my 5 minutes.. but thats just wat I spotted.. im sorry dude, but i just dont have that type of humor. gl further, man.

Random and funny

Two quality that can make anything great, and this flash did it. I laughed out loud, although not something hard for me to do, but this flash was just plain out funny.

Well, a bit too random for me..

But I liked the dancin cat at the end