Reviews for "Tom Fulp Experience"


This hasn't the unified theme that the Bill Murray tribute had - namely, Bill enjoys his slurpee while occasionally doing violent, reckless, super-cool stunts. Instead, it's more of a random collection of incoherent fight scenes and crashes. For that, it's all right, but I didn't give it a five.
Also, I hate, hate, hate "nend". Argh!
I still like the black-and-white style, and the dancing kitten was awesome. Also, car chase+Bill Murray+old lady = good times indeed.

TremcladClock responds:

I asure you, if I knew what in God's name a "nend" was, I'd gladly remove it from this film.

Very Awkward, That's Cool with me

MegaGold's Thoughts

This reminded me of what BBQBeef movies since it has that old filmish look to it, and complete weird nothingness, enjoyable in my case. It seemed very action packed and funny in it's own way. The dancing cat at the end was funny and cute. Good choice of songs given to this movie. I was not sure if the cat was trying to be a copy of the master himself michael jackson. The graphics seemed great for this movie, congrats on getting it on front page.

Very Very Funny

This was pretty funny, and Random, usually I dont like Random stuff, but that was just brilliant.

Not bad at all!

Graphics-8-little slopy and no color but i think its uspposed to bethat way right?
Style-9- original and new i liked it!
Sound-10-The song was very fit for the movie! What was the song called and who was it by?
Interactivity-0-i only got to push 2 buttons.
Humor-7- funny at part but then actiony atr others.... loved the cat!
Overall-8-Wasn't the best iv'e seen but its good enough for my favorites! ^_^

good but

it remindes me of the adult swim show tom goes to see the mayor man i hate that show but this was way better good music no talking and even a danceing cat what more could u ask for