Reviews for "Tom Fulp Experience"

I like the cat dance thing...

Pretty sick flash if you ask me


This hasn't the unified theme that the Bill Murray tribute had - namely, Bill enjoys his slurpee while occasionally doing violent, reckless, super-cool stunts. Instead, it's more of a random collection of incoherent fight scenes and crashes. For that, it's all right, but I didn't give it a five.
Also, I hate, hate, hate "nend". Argh!
I still like the black-and-white style, and the dancing kitten was awesome. Also, car chase+Bill Murray+old lady = good times indeed.

TremcladClock responds:

I asure you, if I knew what in God's name a "nend" was, I'd gladly remove it from this film.

Not bad at all!

Graphics-8-little slopy and no color but i think its uspposed to bethat way right?
Style-9- original and new i liked it!
Sound-10-The song was very fit for the movie! What was the song called and who was it by?
Interactivity-0-i only got to push 2 buttons.
Humor-7- funny at part but then actiony atr others.... loved the cat!
Overall-8-Wasn't the best iv'e seen but its good enough for my favorites! ^_^

good but

it remindes me of the adult swim show tom goes to see the mayor man i hate that show but this was way better good music no talking and even a danceing cat what more could u ask for

Wow that was awesome who knew Tom Fulp had such an interesting life outside Newgrounds?