Reviews for "Tom Fulp Experience"


nice animation, smooth n high paced, keeping the random fun right up with it, good work

Tom Owns!

Nice Movie. I usually don't like movies that use only pictures, but this was as good as it could get. The pictures were top notch and the monocolor effect was cool. The movie also had great humor. The dancing cat cracked me up! Good work.


no joke u musta been blazed and bored, good one.


That was random and i like random things....... :3

I just had to see this.

Tom Fulp putting a movie about himself on the front page? What's more, with a *dancing cat*?

Random, full of crap, completely abstract with no particular humour except for the sheer stupidity of the happenings of the characters... I have to say I found this both entirely delightful and horrendously primitive. Dance kitty, dance!