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Reviews for "Star Fox: Ring Training"


A very simple, yet cool game, very nice, really cool graphics an sound... might think about adding more levels next time, though

tank2tank responds:

Thanks dude, I might make this into a proper, multi-level shoot em up one day, ya know.


I got sued over copyright laws, and YOU WILL TOO.. no but seriously.
I hope your ready for Nintendo to sue your ass.. :(

Anyways nice flash.

tank2tank responds:

Bugger... I shoulda thought of that.
Nobody tell Nintendo, OK?, let's just keep it quiet...

wow i thought this was a flunker

well fly through rings would be easy but i cant get higher than D rank! addicting yes but one level? cmon man, i mean its good i dea for a pre loader but its good
p.s. peper can kiss my *woot*

wow this hard, good job

Hey this is good

I'll admit I didn't expect too much from this to how simple the objective was.
But it's not until you actually play one of this do you reliese how good it is.
As a star fox fan, I would say this is a perfect flash version of the training on Lylat Wars or as some people call it, 'Star Fox 64' what ever you call it you can not argue with the fact that it was the best game of its time and still kicking shit out of future wii releases. Noticed the additional phrase at the start when you press play. It was like something like... uhh.... Reward? doesn't matter.
What matters is you added short perks when others would rather rush and cut corners so they can get it done faster.

If you made another star fox parody that would make me happy if not make sure it's as good as this one. Be seeing ya.