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Reviews for "Star Fox: Ring Training"

i like it very much

first of its kind and it's brilliant. you might want more levels and maybe enemies would be nice too. also it'd be cool if the ship looked like it was actually moving. I couldn't get anything better than C, the scoring is kinda weird, but you have a GREAT thing going here. 5/5

tank2tank responds:

I know the scoring is a bit weird, cos it really all depends on how big a combo you can get. (You can get 49 out of 50 but not get above a C if you miss one half way through.)

And yes, I am thinking about making a full game with more levels and enemies and it'll be GREAT!

It musn't be working properly.

You can't get a better rank than E, and I tried really hard.

tank2tank responds:

The scoring all depends on how big a combo you build up. I'm sorry it's not exactly very fair, but seeing as I made it, I can get a perfect score every time!


now that has to be one of the coolest things ive played on new grounds in a LONG time :D

just wow

i just hope you really do make this in to a full game!

Nice! Just a wee bit too hard.

I like it

I'm a big Star Fox fan so i like this allot it quite good