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Reviews for "Star Fox: Ring Training"


now that has to be one of the coolest things ive played on new grounds in a LONG time :D

just wow

i just hope you really do make this in to a full game!

Much potential.....

Plz make a full game....

HaHa! Good Job!

Woah that was fun! I vote five! Please! PLEASE Make more Star Fox games and send em' here! WEE!


tank2tank responds:


liked the concept and graphics.....

but I don't understand how you're supposed to shoot rings a good deal below you while passing through other rings, since you'd have to be moving in a direction other than the one you're firing in. worst part is, your scoring system punishes you the most for missing this scenario, since its right in the middle of the run! I couldn't get above "D", but i guess its possible listening to other reviews.

I like it

I'm a big Star Fox fan so i like this allot it quite good