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Reviews for "Star Fox: Ring Training"

Really good for just a "get the rings" game.

I'll admit, I went in with low hopes because of how simple the objective was, but you sure showed me.
Speech- Excellent. Your way Pepper spoke was an exaxct imitation, and I noticed no grammatical mistakes. Plus, your directions were quick and easy to understand.

Controls- Another excellent. It was simple, and the Arwing glided very smoothly across the game.

Graphics- Pretty good. Like another commenter said before, you did a nice job of making a fake 3-d. My favorite part was going through the line of rings around the beginning. Try making the lasers visible, though.

Music- Meh, it was decent. The song wasn't epic and Pepper made that stupid Command/SNES sound when he talked. I would rather that you had real voice acting, if possible for you. The sound effects were good though. I especially like the sound made from 64 when you put the mouse on an option in the beginning. It's little perks like that that make games enjoyable.

All in all, good. I think you could make a sucessful SF game with action and the such if you listened to my advice.

tank2tank responds:

Thanks! About the voices- if I had tried to do them myself they would have been absolutely awful, and although I could rip them straight from 64, its a lot easier just to use jibberish. I probably will expand on this one day but right now I'm working on a Star Wars game that has sections like this.

This Game Was Fun

MegaGold's Thoughts

This game is very underated for how good it was put together. Its hard rendering a game so it looks like it's 3d, also the backround music was perfect and precise for the backround image and gave me that feeling that I was playing my snes all over again. The way you rated was good, I managed to get 48/50 with a rank A as my best before I gave up on this game. Great job.

tank2tank responds:

Thanks for that review.

Yeah it sure is tough to do 'fake 3D', just don't get me to try to do something like flying over hills cos it won't look good, honestly...

You made a starfox game.....not too bad.

The reason Why i love it so much is becuase you used teh actual voices and sound effects. Keep doing that, this starfox loyalist had fun.

tank2tank responds:

Yeah I know, I was originally gonna have new voice acting, but then I realised that the old jibberish is much cooler so I'll stick with that. Star Fox rules!

not too shabby

Good addicting game.
It's pretty hard to get all of the rings.
You can bet I'll try again.
My only suggestion is to make it longer.
Otherwise, good job.

good game

that was a very nice Star Fox-style game. The best i've done is still only 48/50.... there's 2 rings that i keep missing all the time, but it was definitely a lot of fun to play, good graphics, and it was a good time killer..... though it frustrates me that i keep missing those 2 rings somewhere along the line. if this one is an official/unofficial demo, i look forward to seeing a larger version.... if you make one.