Reviews for "Samurai Rock-off"

This makes me think of...

The ninja pirate level in Castle Crashers.

sounds like....

a samurai rock band in the past and then modified

Oh, wow

You really changed this up didn't you?
Not too long, not too short. You did exactly what you were hoping for. It was totally worth the effort! Incredible job.

Still great!

This sounded like something I had heard before, and it probably was given how much it has been used in other flashes. You really worked hard to make a good tone for samurai. I think this is a good example of variety because it does start off soft, but always has a focus on action. The inclusion of the guitar was weird, but managed to work well. It is really high-paced and I can easily see this going with every samurai thing out there. Overall, it also has an uplifting and joyous spirit to it, too.


A very catchy tune, the name fits very well! My rating speaks for itself!