Reviews for "Samurai Rock-off"

Drums in the main problem

It's really catchy, and I can imagine this being used in some sort of fight scene or something similar. It's not repetitive at all, but the main problem is the drums in th background. At first I didn't even notice it because it was so quite. It would sound better if you made the dums louder, or just get rid of them completely.

Rock'in Epic

I have no idea why people say leave the rock elements out, they're the life of the piece, otherwise the tune would be too simple.


i downloaded this, listened to it three times (not in a row) and i didn't want to listen to it any more. idk. it's kinda annoying.

At first i was like this is gay

But instead of leaving i gave it a chance and it's pretty fuckin epic got some respect it had a few bad parts but 9/10 and 4/5


However, the drums are completely unnecessary. It even sounds like you've tried to make them as quiet as possible and you were forced to put them in.

Otherwise, very nice.