Reviews for "Samurai Rock-off"

A totalt rock-off!

I love this song. It is a nice blending of various sounds.
Actually, this is now one of my favorite songs!

I think this song actually makes the animation better, and that's why it got a five.

Keep up the good work, and please do more of these type of songs! ^_^

Nicely done

You feel got a nice blend of some modern rock with the ancient instruments. From start to finish it's a great song.

Pure awesome right down to the blade...

You pretty much have cover the samurai/ronin feel in this song. Not too ancient, yet not too modern in techno/trance-like feel, yet more of an epic taste. You said yourself the shamisen tool was tough to find, but it really paid off.

Subarashi idesu ne!

Watashi wa kono kyoku o riyou shite imasu! Kore wa soudaidesu. Juubun ni katatta.


Seriously Epicness in some parts of the song, something that sounds like what you can hear in a game.

Good theme, good theme.