Reviews for "Samurai Rock-off"

Cant stop listening to it... and a LOT of comments.

Truly one of your best works so far, the sound is so raw, yet perfect. The eastern theme is there, yet it has a funky beat to it. Always loved this song, and this is also what made me listen and love you other works.
It's been like a year ago since I first listened to it, and it's still one of the best things I've heard on Newgrounds so far.

You should do more like this Ockeroid, this is what defines you, for me.

something new

very good, how long did this take?
addicting.. and very weird


When it comes to anything you submit on NG, you seem to be able to multi-task the awesomeness. You've made good Flash Animations, good pictures, and good music. This is no exception. Make more!

Wow awesome sauce! Except...

1:10 to 1:37 is the most climactic part of the song. I probably would think that is the reason why this song is highly-regarded as "HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME." But since you didn't reintroduce this "HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME" again, 1:37 onward almost feels like a buildup that is cut off.

In essence, I was waiting for that boom "jizz in your face" as you guys accomplished at 1:37, but it never occured again D: The orchestral synths were neat, but it didn't provide the conclusionary feel.

I guess what I am trying to say in the most professional way possible, can we haz moar epic guitar solo at the end? :)