Reviews for "Samurai Rock-off"


This music is INCREDIBLE! It makes me think of Samurai Jack! Man, I love that show I still love it to this very day and for some reason made me think Naruto as well! Keep up the awesome work bro! THAT WAS EPIC!!

someone should

make a samurai rock off and use this music. ill try :)

thats cold!

we should warck tugher som time.


That is some awsome Music.In Fact I love how you put Samurai Music wit Rock Thats Incredible.

Holy hell

The fact I love Samurai, and I love Japan only makes this song even more epic then it already is.

It has awesome flow to it, though I'd have to say I loved the part where the electric guitar comes in and starts melting faces. Though I think it coulda been just a little louder, the guitar that is when it comes in, because it sounds a bit too quiet. Other then that this song was awesome :o keep up the great work