Reviews for "Samurai Rock-off"

manga song?.....

this is a great song for a manga kinda battle! i like this!


A very nice beat right there. This is a great piece of eastern style music. I like it. Alot


http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xu5q q_lavell-crawfordy-u-so-fat_fun
Yeah, I was playing this in the background, his voice came in right as the main beat got incorporated. I thought it was part of the music it fit so well together, almost like a rap.. I may have to rap to this. ;D/


great job, i should listen to ur stuff


I'm not even going to mention how impossible this is to play on one of these. the whole song is great, and lives up to its name. If I could say one thing, though, just one small critique. If you're going for a rock-off, I don't think you should use techno electronic bass notes. At least that's what I heard, it might be a bass guitar beat. But on every other level, your song succeeds. The other instruments like the flute were a nice touch, btw ;)