Reviews for "Sonic outtakes 3 OST"

even tho i couldn't c it

i still would ov gave it ten

It was ok but not really a game nor animation...

It had a little animation in it but I'm afraid it wasn't that great.

The buttons worked! Good job on that.

The only thing this really had going for it was the music and that's why we have an audio portal. Now I realize that most (if not all) of those are copywrited so you couldn't exactly submit them to the audio portal but I don't really see a difference by compiling them together and submitting them here to the flash portal.

The songs were great but I'm afraid I can't give you a high score for anything other than sound. I just don't think that a submission whos only purpose is to showcase music belongs here, unless the submissions purpose was [a] music video(s)...

I encourage you to make this again but to put some animation to these songs. It doesn't have to be anything special, just enough to give it purpose in the flash portal.

I hope you take my advice :) But in any case, good luck on your next submission!

Yoshiking2 responds:

This wasn't meant as a music video. I promise the ppl to give them the sound test option and that's what i did unlike the other ones i don't care what happens to this submission if it get removes tough cookies for finding the songs used on Sonic outtakes 3.


even thouth not a game still cool awsem music

wat da:(

it wont friggen load!

You just fucking made my day.

The fucking Yoshi's Island Bowser fight? I fucking love you.

Yoshiking2 responds:

Well glad you enjoyed it. i still say the actual movie is funny but sometimes ya just need some music time.