Reviews for "Dante's Inferno: Canto I"

Holy Crap!

Great job, man!!!! Good to see you actually did a bit of research into what Dante Alligheri (sic) actually looked and dressed like. I'd certinally love to see more of this, perhaps even a few selected scenes from the rest of The Divine Comedy.

At least finish Inferno...

This is always going to be one of, if not, my favorite peoms/stories of all time!

I absolutely love the book and fully encourage you to continue making the series. If you don't do all three parts then at least try to do all of Inferno.

I'm putting you under my favorite just in case. If you do decide to finish this I do NOT want to miss a single one.

You did very well. Please make more of these.

One word. Fuckingshitcrazyasslocoawesome .

Beautiful as the epic itself.

The Inferno of Dante (as its true name went) was a beautifully and masterfully made epic poem that I read for recreational reading back in 9th grade. Now, it is being made into a flash movie by a very competent flash artist. I am more than pleased. :D I'll list you on my Favorite Authors. Don't let me down. ^_^

An excellent representation!

I love the movie, reminds me of the actual story. Amazing visuals, and nice voice acting. I can't wait for the next one.