Reviews for "Dante's Inferno: Canto I"

Yeah!Good Start!

Hey Dude, this is a great start.
Very nice graphics and I want to see all the chapters....from this to the end...(Will be a pain in the a.. but you'll have the respect of manu people, and these will be used from the students to learn something ;P)

Please finish it

I'm also putting you on favs. I dont want to miss this.


That was beautiful........ seriously, when I saw someone was trying to do a flash of Dante's inferno, I assumed I was going to be disappointed (I kind of hold a higher standard when it comes to remaking the classics.....) But this was very good! and I like the message at the end going back and forth about continueing..... very monty pythonish..........

Sequels pls

and maybe add subtitles if ya can, it aint really necessary but itll be better that way

A great find!

I'm so happy that someone decided to do an animation of the Inferno. I'm currently reading it now and I'm about 2/3 done. It's an excellent book.
I hope the whole book is done in animation.