Reviews for "Dante's Inferno: Canto I"

cool... but not too cool

"You can either stay here with these beasts, or go to hell."

Great music man. Nice cinematography, though the script lags. The graphics are absolutely the low point, however. It looks like Family Guy.

Excellent short, when's the next part

That was simply great man, I read Dante's Inferno back in highschool and couldn't get alot of what was written. I can't WAIT ((god willing you have the time lol)) to see the next part.

Freakin awesome

I read the book, a little befuddled by the wording, but still interested, so I'm glad to see an animation to it; this would open up the story to everyone. You better finish it, or I'll hurt you.


I love Dante's inferno, actually I love the entire divine comedy...it would be so awesome if you ended up doing all of hell, purgatory and heaven. You're my idol and the way you modernized is is too cool. PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!

Something timeless here comes...

I'm very impressed that someone finally decide to take a classic piece of art and turn it into a new-age version. To be honest, I think the graphics could be a little more polished but I can't judge harshly, I'd never be able to draw nearly as well. The sound is well done, I like the slightly lighthearted beginning and I'm really hoping you'll have time to produce more in the weeks to come.