Reviews for "Dante's Inferno: Canto I"


I really hope you bring more of Dante's epic to life this way! Keep it up!


Excellent, true to the poem, simple, good music, good work. Hope you continue with the others.

im speachless...

this story is breathtaking and very exellent i thank you very much for making this,will you do his other 2?


It was an unusual interpritation, but good. You kinda modernized the dialogue though. Ive read the Inferno three times and that was pretty accurate. All in all, looking forword to a sequal.

I'm reading this story.

Sweet, I'm in 10th grade and I get to view Dante's Inferno from anotehr artists perspective. How pwntagness creative. This one owns, follow up with the story acurately. I'm guessing you're also doing cantos 1-35? I havn't read them but you should LAWL.