Reviews for "Dante's Inferno: Canto I"

A great find!

I'm so happy that someone decided to do an animation of the Inferno. I'm currently reading it now and I'm about 2/3 done. It's an excellent book.
I hope the whole book is done in animation.

Sequels pls

and maybe add subtitles if ya can, it aint really necessary but itll be better that way

One thing I want to say

Virgil sounds like Ashram. That's all.

Dante's Inferno flash?!

newgrounds meets freshman english class. very good flash, the divine comedy was one of my favorites. i hope you go on to make the other, more interesting cantos. While I rated the violence 0 in this one, I'm sure you'll get a lot more around the 7 layer of Hell.


This was my favorite work to ever read in English class. I loved The Divine Comedy. Dante' Alighieri is by far one of my favorite writers of the past. I would have liked it a bit better if you had stuck with the original poem's triset stanzas. But, either way, I'm really looking forward to more cantos.