Reviews for "Dante's Inferno: Canto I"

an all round great movie

well, i dont know how but you touched on every little category in the movie side (i dont class interactivity) a really great start to a great tale

seriously consider doing the whole book, it would be a great triumph to succeed and the vast majority would like it, that would probably be my only thing i can say really

(hopefully) keep these coming

I liked it!

You did a really good job all around, and you even managed to work in a bit of humor. I hope you do more like this.

good start but...

the words over the gates of hell in the inferno are "Abondon all hope, ye who enters here" not whatever it way you had.


i really like it and would love it if u made more. i loved the book and i always wanted to see a movie about it nut i could never find one, so this might be my last chance.

This is a work of art

I'm very ipressed by this and absolutely look forward to seeing more. Your choice of the inferno is a difficult one to put into art, but you have done well, and if you keep this up and follow the book closely, I'm sure we will have another front page series, Great job and good luck in the future with your schooling :D