Reviews for "Dante's Inferno: Canto I"


Dude.. I am reading the book and I have read up to canto 16 and your flash animation explained more to me in that than I had learnt in cantos 1-10. You have to make a flash or a series for the whole poem, your animations are so good it would be as bad as sin not to.

Keep up the rocking work!


You need to continue the rest of them!! we need the rest of the story, Dante's Inferno is awesome, please please make more.

A nicely done canto of Dante's Inferno :D

First off, to the guy before me, I hope he realizes that this was about Dante's Inferno, NOT Devil May Cry. A classical piece of world literature, not a video game >__> Yes, Dante and Virgil may be in DMC, but the Dante referred to in this Flash is the famous Italian poet Dante Alighieri (who lived in from 1265-1321), NOT the son of a demon and a human mother; furthermore, the Virgil inferenced here is the Roman Poet Virgil (70BC-19BC), NOT Demon Dante's Dad. Summary: This is about Dante's Inferno, NOT ONE BIT about DMC.

Now that the DMC issue is cleared up, I do have to say great job overall. The art was fairly well done and the sound was nearly perfected. I especially like the voice of Virgil. Also it was well-appreciated that you clothed both Dante and Virgil in clothing of their own respective time period--extras like that show a true comprehension of history and an added devotion to your flash that people notice and admire greatly =D

O__O! Nearly forgot. <Insert random beg for a second Canto> =D

uh, huh

dante and virgel are the guys from devil may cry...

anyway it was ok, the grphics weren't very impresive
but the sound was very smooth

hoping to see #2

Eien Idiot

I apalogize for this in advance but as a person who spent several days understanding the inferno to its fullest how could you make such a screw up (a list of them actually but this one is a major one) ><
She lepord represents lust not fraud. The she wolf is greed and the lion is pride.
All of your other errors are forgiveable but this one is just fatal ><

After that the breakdown.
Graphics - Decent, not overly amazing but good enough
Style - Nothing overly noticble and i guess it works
Sound - Voice acting ok but the music makes it very good.
Violence - not really much
Interactivity - >_> i forgot did this thing have a start button? i forgot
Humor - a bit even though it is broken away from the pages of the inferno.
Overall - this part is effected by your errors... sadly that dragged it down.

Manningzor responds:

This movie is based off the Mark Musa translation, in which case its 100% true to the poem. Sorry you read a different version.