Reviews for "Dante's Inferno: Canto I"


dammit IM doing a dante's inferno story already!! well there goes my originality..

Brilliant! Do More!

You HAVE to do more of these! This is brilliant!

Oh, Bravo!

That was wonderful!! I did a huge report on Dante's Inferno last year and you did a great job of explaining the symbolism!

The feeling of the whole movie was amazingly cinematic and well constructed, even though the graphics were relatively simple. I can't imagine trying to to the whole poem, though! Good luck!


Nice to see a little culture in the Portal. I've always been a fan of the Divine Comedy, especially the Inferno. This was short and sweet, but it did an excellent job of explaining the first canto. It made it simple enough to be easily understood, and very enjoyable. I'm sure this is about the millionth time you've been asked to do this, but if you're able to document Dante and Vergil's entire journey through hell, that would be absolutely awesome.

I'm not an English teacher; really

This was very well done; I don't expect you'll do the entire series (that would take years), but if you do, I'd want to watch it.

Plus, I liked your frank credits. Good stuff. Made me laugh. Ha!

Points to ponder: The animation was slightly choppy and plain with Dante's movements, though Vergil and the beasts were well. I especially loved the way you had him 'gulp!' at the bloody Lion. Also, the dialogue sounded a little forced, but that could be remedied by making Dante's face a little more expressive.

A lot of artists don't put anything into the face, but honestly, I think it's the most important part for a speaking role. There doesn't need to be a whole lot added; just a few lines for skin creases and such. The important part is that you suggest the changes so that the audience can fill it in with their imagination.

Oh, and fantastic song! Loved it.