Reviews for "Dante's Inferno: Canto I"

Its not a "novel"

Thats the only beef I have with this otherwise excellent piece. Dante's Inferno was not a novel, it was the first volume of Dante's "The Divine Comedy" and its an epic poem, not a novel. You should have learned that when you read it in class. I can't really hold that against you, I just recommend you change how you refer to it in your intro.

I Wanna See More

This Is Pretty Awesome, And I Would Love To See More Of These...

So plz hurry and make them....

aye! well done

that was pretty good, it had very simple yet well styled and effective animation. i happen to be a big fan of the seven deadly sins, and have made my own flash that will somewhat be themed on it, so if you would please check it out and vote, mayhaps review it, i would be most obliged.

Good stuff actually

I think you have a good start there. I'd suggest putting subtitle cuz the music kind of burries the voice sometimes.

Anyhow, good work really, you should keep going!

The Classics are so.... Clasic

Wow, just wow.
This is something I never thought I would see on the newgrounds.