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Reviews for "Creature"

I see someone just watched and absorbed all the right stuff from Dynamic Lighting/Painting from Black!
Glad to see another student of his is actually going far with it!

It looks like a enemy from Dark Souls! (Dark Souls 3 enemy CONFIRMED?!)

In all seriousness, I adore the black-and-white type sketches, especially if they're used in a way to give someone or something a creepy atmosphere ; and that was achieved here. The monster Itself isn't quite as terrifying as it is just totally UN-nerving... Like an mutant that's been mixed with something from Umbrellas' labs, but dropped a few sticks in there. Perhaps there should be a story behind this fellow?

TL;DR - Well done piece, Details are well done, This piece received 5 stars.

Well, isn't this terrifying. :D This piece somewhat reminds me of the brief glimpse we get of The Beast in the Over the Garden Wall series. The textures are also very well done and I just love how grotesque this looks. Awesome job!

Even though it totally horrid looking, it seems very natural. Its head texture is almost like that of wood, making me believe it is some kind of twisted druid.