Reviews for "TheRealShagMan"

im pretty sure

all the people who didnt vote 5/5 are butthurt by this. hahaha man this is funny as shit

omegared responds:

Some people vote low because they don't get it. Some people think they are voice actor aficionados. And then there are cool people like you and me that enjoy a good laugh.

Thanks for the five, the ten, and the props.

i really cant say why..

but i am cracking the hell up right now

omegared responds:

That's fine. lol :)


That shit was funny as hell!! This makes me whant to check out the ShagMan now.
I wish it was longer to see where it goes. Maybe part 2? If not dosent matter it was still funny and i could listion to this anytime when i need a laugh.

omegared responds:

Haha I might make another one where TheRealShadMan is trying to pick up a chick ;)
glad you like it.

Took me a while but I thought it was okay.

"tl;dr" I liked it once I started to understand it. It was slightly humorous and was not something that I expected. You have promise as a voice actor. However, I would focus the voice a little bit when you have something you are trying to get across to the audience.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, there is not really too much to say about this. I enjoyed it once I finally caught on to it. Overall your voice acting has promise. But your editing needs work. The point where both people are talking at the same time got a little bit confusing but if you actually listened to it fully then you get it. But if I were you I would concentrate on one voice instead of making it sound like there are groups of voices talking.

Also, make it longer, the joke was funny, but the idea still had promise, what that promise was, I have no idea; I'm not a comedian. But I still believe you could've built off of that instead of keeping it how it was. If you do decide to take this criticism and build off of this, then make sure that you don't over extend your joke either. Like a lot of videos on youtube, funny idea, too long. Lost appeal towards that end. So if you do decide to lengthen this then don't over do it.

Next, I would suggest putting more of a difference between the two voices that you were trying to mimick. It's funny, and I could see minute differences, but it wasn't enough for me to quickly pinpoint who was talking. Remember that there are no avatars or sprites that are being represented in this, only a visualizer. That being said, it would be easier if you changed the voices up a little bit.

A bit of direction for you: if you do like voice acting, put some different ideas in there. One of the best (or perhaps the best) voice actor who ever lived was probably the guy who did all of the different voices for the looney tunes cartoons. His trick was to really think about what the character was like, then take from several different accents (sometimes mixing them) and then creating that character. His difference is that he was working from a blank slate, you have to try to mimick someone already in existence. But overall, do some research up on that guy and several different voice actors both living and dead, and see what you can come up with.

Anyway, sorry to say that this isn't really worth the download, but I did enjoy it. So keep it up and I hope to hear more from you.

Till next time

omegared responds:

I do have other works. This was just a birthday present for Shaddai.
If you would have read the authors comments this probably would have made sense on first listen ;)

Anyways, thanks.


pretty funny ^^ but hey need too sheck out your other stuff

omegared responds:

That'd be cool ;)