Reviews for "TheRealShagMan"


Every now and then a voice acting skit will get top of the week. Either people will hate it or love it. Personally, I think everyone should love this. I lolololeddd. Good job man xD

omegared responds:

Coming from a guy who once flamed me for my work, from a guy I respect for his skill, from a guy who is pretty known around NG: a ten means a lot.

too bad you're not any of those^

;) jk <3 thanks dogg

Hooooolyyy shit bros

i love this shit yo the voice acting at the beggining is fkin halarious i love it keep it up

omegared responds:

Haha! Thanks sir.

Comer you piece of shit

gonna pull out another paint brush

omegared responds:

lol you're the first to like that part. ;)

WTF!!! COOL!!!

come here piss of s!"ยท$% nice jajajaja!!!

omegared responds:

lolololol jejejejeje


this needs to be longer, and have sevrel sequel.

omegared responds:

Sequels will come, but only if I am inspired ;) and when it comes to some one like Shaddai, I bet I will be.