Reviews for "TheRealShagMan"

I've noticed his work..

but i never wondered what it would be like to meet him, but this would sum it up for me. :D

iv seen his drawings....

yeah meeting him would be pretty bad just like this... hed take his red paintbrushes and stick them up your asss when you went in his basement.

this is probably verry acurate.

omegared responds:

Shad left a review. It's the first one. he says I got it perfect ;)


My but your voice is charming, I too would be curious about the wonders in Shad's basement. Most likely a small science lab were he creates date rape drugs and a replica of the bathroom from the first saw movie . He he, he's sweet though.

omegared responds:

I bet he just wants to have some tea :)

I <3 it!

I'm nuts about this! Do more, please ;D

omegared responds:

hehe I have other works ;) and flashes too! But I'll do more stuff about Shaddai some day.


pretty funny ^^ but hey need too sheck out your other stuff

omegared responds:

That'd be cool ;)