Reviews for "Chemical Plant Zone Remix ~JFK"

Amazing shit

Very mellow I love how the sounds bounces left and right, and rocks my fucking Sub Woofer, good shit man, i'm going to light a joint too this. I miss the old nostalgic days, sitting in front of a tv, with any worries. Now I grow old more grizzled, good thing weed is here haha.


The bass in this remix is a nice touch!! nicely done!

Pretty sweet!

I love the jazzy effect that the song gives off.

You could definitely improve this by tuning the echo down a bit.
It starts to sound messy half-way through.

This is a great remake of a classic song.
Good job :D

fabbemannen responds:

Well, it was a while since I maked it, and I agree with you. I might fix it, but probably not =D First review by the way


Look, yeah I dont even know where to start with the work you need to put into this but you cant leave this how it is! you HAVE to clean this up! you have such a good idea you have no idea! please please please dont stop and finish this! for all the sonic fans out there! whatever you got going here can be great and I could see you in the top 10.

fabbemannen responds:

Thanks for the review! But to be honest I don't think that I'm going to change anymore in this song. This was one of my first remixs and I really want to continue working on newer remixs instead. But who knows? I might continue if I get so much better that I just have to ;)


Awesome but.... it feels like im DEAD!