Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong The Game 2"

That was awesome

That was by far the best flash movie ever. It had everything from dramatic plotlones to awesome graphics. Make more.

Sex0r responds:

Thanks alot. :) My hard work is finally paid off. :')

WoOt WoOty!!!

awsome game dude!!!@!!!!!

i dont get it...
how come this one is.........SO MUCH COOLER THAN THE LAST ONE?????
i played this game and....well....there two people in the start.....and 6 people to to unlock...is it possible to unlock that boy that in Phoenix Wrong Triple Take that sings the "Dont cha" song???

its cool how you solve stuff and sometimes you have to do a song or or....ooorrr??......ZZZzzzZ..z zzZZZ...oops.....as i was saying..you also could like .....throw stuff and make WITC (war in the court)
so....i love that part...

CHEATS.....and STEAHC (steak)(throwable):

how did you make the cheats?, its like...when you beat one guy you get the next guy and/or get a cool item that item could (out of a 99 to 1 chance) a cheat for...really...anything!!


TBLONG (The Biggest Loser On NewGrounds) sonidd1

Sex0r responds:

oh yeh


I laughed so hard. The music was AMAZING. More please!

Sex0r responds:

its a deal mate


BEST GAME EVER ,play it now

Best. Flash. Ever.

This is so good! I love how every second of it is hand-drawn, along with the great voice acting! Brilliant! Good job!