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Reviews for "Plas"

Das ist goot ja?

I like it. Reminds me of counter strike for some odd reason. And no tjust becuase of the sounds.

yes!!! lmao this was awesome

niiiiice you rock!!!!


This was an awesome flash movie

aap responds:

That's nice to hear. :) Thanks for your review.


this is even better than the rest.
Keep on going with this crazy movies.
You are my personal jesus

aap responds:

Thanks alot, Iefchop. I'm glad you enjoy my movies. :)

Same Vercci.I have Mixed views On your animation.

Yes, the same Person from There

The whole animation was great for the short time it took you.Hopefully We can see more from you very soon.

I liked the ideas except the sweat thing.I stay by what I said on there.
The running could use some work though. Also the sound wasn't perfect ( you could hear some ambience sound when he drools )
And just a few little thing here and there

Overall, I give 8 because those improvements could make it a lot better.

Good Luck With Your Next One

aap responds:

Thanks alot, Vercci. :) Hmm... I can understand you didn't liked the sweat, hehe. About the sound, you're right. I don't have a uhm... that thing that makes the volume higher for a microphone. So I have to turn up the volume myself, and that makes the sound quality klaased some times. Thanks and good luck to you too on the next Animate That! And, haha, did you all signed up just to say this? :)