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Reviews for "Z Ball X"


I don't get this game at all. When ever I send the ball towards the training bot (with the ball ki level max.) the bot just sends it back to me...


I ran across the bug once before and just now hit it again. I did not know how to recreate it the first time, this one came around on accident.

I was flying about mid level and I have about a 40ish combo going and I started spamming spiritball. While in the middle of the spiritball, I lost my combo, but since I was casting the move still, it continued. After finishing the attack, I realized that, although I had no combo points at the moment, I was still capable of using EVERY attack.

----side note:
What do you intend on making of this game? I absolutely love the idea and this is the type of game I would pay to play if it was made into an online multiplayer. ^_^

KynetiK-27 responds:

TY for finding this bug, am investigating it atm.
I intend to make Z Ball go multiplayer, im working on trying to build a Z Ball server which people can create an account for (retain your player stats, bonuses etc). Depending how that turns out will decide whether battles are 1v1, deathmatch, and/or team based.

i liked it im adicted

its a nice game need some improvement though.


to that guy before me, jedi is only close to the highest rank, if you get to my rank, wastoid, which is the highest rank, then you can use any special move whenever you want! even when the combo is at 0