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Reviews for "Z Ball X"


It looks brilliant. The art is really nice and clean, animation is good. It's got a really nice style and feel to it, and the code seems developed and I couldn't really fault it. The sounds were good, fit with what was happening, and when it was happening. I just can't wait for the full version. Brilliant work!

KynetiK-27 responds:

TY very much :D
Its people like you which make art worthwhile
Keep Z Balling ^_^

looking good i guess....

but personnaly the control is just horribly too much hard to understand i had a lot of difficulty controling it

KynetiK-27 responds:

Its as simple as pointing at what you wish to aim at with the mouse, and holding down left-click for greater power. The rest of the challenge is in the overall movement of your player. Take your time with the tutorial if need be and practice those elements youre having trouble with.

Nice one!

Anyway it was really good atleast I think when I tried the super beam my character spazed out as well but then if I did it again it would work fine.
Btw got to level 100 and rank wastoid

not bad

it wasnt a bad game at all.. it was difficult at first to get the controls down and learn how to actually control the ball to your advantage.. but after about 10 minutes or so of practice you get used to it. its entertaing its a good idea pretty original good grpahics and sound. there is a little room for improvement though. maybe some upgrades. maybe you can turn it into an adventure type game where you can actually train your character to become stronger and what not. before i go off on a tangent im just gonna end this by saying nice game and i hope to see more.

Great game, arseface artist.

Title says it all, I rather enjoyed this game, The controls took a while get used to seeing as how the character seems to move at warp speed, but other than that enjoyable and fun.

My only complaints about this:

The fact that the enemy NPC can fly right there the little hermit dude and not get hurt. If it hurts me, it should hurt him.

The NPC has superb reaction and coordination, I realize it's a CPU but come on! The dude gets a mid air 8-hit combo hits me then punds me straight up till I'm KO'd.. LAME-ZILLA

That's about it, the game rocks can't wait for the entire realease.

As for the artist, he seems to be a jerk... I hate people who put there work up to be rated and critisised(sp?) then flame the bad reviews, get over it pal! If you want your stuff rated, expect bad reviews... don't act like a child and then try to deffend your actions by spitting some long winded speech about how idiotic it is to critisise something without having any skill in flash...

Do you honestly believe the people who rate games and such know how to program? No.. they rate them on how fun they are, how good they look.. not by how much time was spent on it.

On that note, I dare you to make some witty retort, as it will only show your childish side once again.

Great game, grow up. Looking forward to seeing more.

KynetiK-27 responds:

TY for your review ^_^

I am awaiting an update to be uploaded which fixes this movement issue. The dude under the tree has been removed too. The cpu reaction is set up to teach you to improve your teleporting, and if are hurt, to recover b4 being KOed. You have the same power over your opponent & he cant recover, so get him b4 he gets you.

People have seemed to miss the point of the instances ive 'flamed' anyone.
One cannot make an informed decision about a book without reading beyond the cover.
I never defended any action by saying how idiotic it is to criticise something without having any skill in flash (although i did abuse someone for similar reasoning, but it was hardly defensive), i actually said that its frustrating when people make a judgement on something they have not observed correctly or at all (which also happened to be in response to a reviewer i had nothing against). Its only logical that one cannot criticise a productive process without actually knowing anything about that process (which is why, when my effort is questioned, one cannot make an educated statement on it in ignorance of it and thus i reject that flawed opinion). Any intelligent person acknowledges their ignorance of a subject before attempting to judge it as a whole.
-That- is why i 'flamed' anyone, because they have attempted a judgement without observation, merely substituting intelligence with a biased impulse due to their own frustrations and inadequacies. When i get a bad review, i want it to be because someone has taken the time to learn the game and made a judgement on it, not because they; simply dislike dragonball, because they are too impatient to learn the game, or complain about something that they were blatantly informed of.

Ive got nothing against you, your making a valid point whilst also doing the respectful thing and educating yourself on the game. However you failed to judge me without first acknowledging your ignorance of me or my opinion. Youve made an assumption which in itself is quite childish, but im not going to hold it against you, i simply find it ironic.

TY for trying to do the right thing ^_^