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Reviews for "Z Ball X"

I like it

I look forward to seeing and end product good controlas challenging i like it I also like the dbz effect lol anyways how do you use your special?

KynetiK-27 responds:

I think this was one the last page of the tutorial -
hit SPACE to execute your special technique.
If the technique is n/a you must unlock it by having a certain combo score.
If you attempt a locked technique, you will merely perform a 'shield' technique.
As you score combos, a thin blue meter at the bottom left will increase. W.hen this bar reaches max, you may perform any technique at your leisure

This message is likely to be filtered and read why

But people... honestly it's not that hard. You hit the ball at the opponent THEN hit him!!! God I hate retarded people who make retarded comments to make the game look retarded to other people and ruin them playing a game as good as this one. I can't wait to see them at the next darwin awards!!! :D Oh right and about the game. It's good, creative, and takes a shit load of time to make a game as good as this :). (PS: Can you tell me where to learn ActionScript ^^'') I know java, c++, etc. but I don't think that'll help in making a flash :P (other than knowing the basis of it).

You rule at good games and I hope you keep on making more.

Some guy who is putting down stupid people when he forgot to pack pants for university IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER!!!

KynetiK-27 responds:

TY very much ^_^

btw i learnt AS just by fiddling with BASIC and C++ back in high school, just read the inbuilt reference files and all should fall into place...

I can't wait for the full release!

This is a great game once you get the hang of the controls, I can tell you've worked hard on this and I like the ideas behind it.
I rate this game Airwolf ^_^.
What I do want to point out though, occasionally if you're performing a move and you get hurt the character gets stuck where he is, and you can't move until you get hurt again.
Anyways, great game, will be keeping an eye for updates.

I love all of your games

I loved the game but at some points it really pissed me off because the com guy that you fight is really cheap, but I still had fun hitting the guy with the ball. My only is when will the entire game come out?

this could make the best mp game

but it might be to hard

KynetiK-27 responds:

Yeah, it can get pretty complex very easily. It would be fun mulitplayer, but its just too chaotic to work properly with flash. Check out my latest fighting engine on my userpage, Im going to take some elements of this and apply them to that.