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Reviews for "Z Ball X"

bug found!!!!!

i found a bug when i was playing. i was in the air and when ever i fell down hard and then the screen lowered and it interupts the gameplay alot.....other than that great game

KynetiK-27 responds:

This bug was already noted in the Authors Commentary the day it was uploaded. I have fixed this but must edit some other things before i will upload again

Will be waiting

Has the potential to be the best game in newgrounds, dying to see the full gameplay & story. 2 player = godlyness. Very very nice work.

KynetiK-27 responds:

TY very much ^_^
Im currently learning how to do multiplayer, hopefully it shall arrive sooner rather than later

Hey homie

Its me again digging the game playin around with a test round and found a big bug for u if u u just keep 3x's going up u teleport out of the game and it wont let u go back no matter wat till u bring up a new screen but yes i have not gotten back to 23 yet so ill be playing


its okay, serious things to work out. its crazy laggy in a lot of places, contact is screwy, u dont have anything that acctually says how to strike ur opponent and the attack should occur when u release the button, not two seconds after.

KynetiK-27 responds:

contact is ridiculously easy - you can actually see the attack hitbox. The coloured 'trails' that are in your attack animation ARE the hitboxes.

The tutorial actually states "Once you have hurt your opponent with the ball you may attack him with melee attacks directly", and you can always use your special attacks to hurt him, such as Spiritsword or Cyclone.

Attacks on every fighting game have a certain latency to them which you must learn to use, though only 2 Power attacks are like that(ie dont have a hitbox on the frame you release the mousebutton). The only thing that should lag on a new pc is the crumbling rocks/tree. You just must have a slow computer.

Nice but I found a glitch

If you use the teleport move enougf times in a row you move outside of the map.

KynetiK-27 responds:

man people need to learn to read commentaries...
This was in my Authors commentary the day i uploaded it..
TY for playing anyway, just sick of hearing the same bug report :P