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Reviews for "Z Ball X"


Not really sure on this one. It's to easy once u get the super beam, i got over 300 combo points by just killing the guy over and over with it. Maby u should put a limit on the higher specals. other than that loved the game! Cant wait till its finished. :)

(Had over 100 wins)


Alright, so I likes the game, but it was a little hard to control and that should be fixed. Also, it took a while to get the hang of. The name is also crappy. Please change it.


What are u supposed to do? The concepts brillaint but the delifery is not thought out in the slightest to even get a 5 combo is hard let alone a 30.
Work out the kinks and u could have another Madness interactive on ur hands

KynetiK-27 responds:

ever think that the point was that Combatants attack each other by means of a ball of energy. The players must 'tag' the ball and keep it charged for it to be their weapon.

A 5 hit combo is not hard, just keep the ball maxed with energy, dont get hurt, and it can bounce all you want.

There are 3 training modes for a reason....


Wow this game is rocken i love the dbz factor with it. I think if you make this game a game where you just fly around places and fight people would be better. Although this is fun also but the fact i got knocked down then boom he hits me again again again and again then im dead... And its kind of hard to hit the ball as hard as you can and aiming is weird also.. GOOD GAME Make IT

dbz reincarnate

good looking game so far, had a hard time with the controls, i only did the practice the ball just moves too fast for me i guess maybe theres something u can do about it maybe i just suck who knows???