Reviews for "The City Rules: Ep. 1"


this was great need better stickmen though overwise great nce job dude looks like theres a good story behind it good job

Drag0nSnak3 responds:

Thanks! Oh, and by the way, i'm planning to spend at least a month on the second episode, so, don't wait for it too soon... Sadly.


Great job, and thanks for using one of my songs. I agree with g-r4ve as well. I can already tell you have amazing drawing skills, so I'll be waiting to check out some of your newest submissions. :)

nice job

good job on this one. You even looped one of my songs for your intro, nice. I've been into watching castle lately, so I can only assume thats what your aiming for. Your close, just spend a bit more time on the animation, and make sure its all smooth. Try and come up with unique camera angles too, always helps.

Drag0nSnak3 responds:

Well... As soon as i'm gonna get a graphic tablet, i'm gonna be a master! Coz', i have pro skills at drawing... Oh, and i haven't watched castle, gonna watch it soon.


"the city is split into four parts..." then you show 5 coloured pieces of..turf?
it wasn't to bad, didn't really know what was going on, couldn't understand your voice, put subs in the next one, of talk more clearly.
but overall it wasn't half ass like most new vids.

Drag0nSnak3 responds:

Ok, thx for the info, i will put them.

ok ok

sounds pretty intresting yes. just try and animate a bit more detailed. the movement is a bit crap, for the rest it's ok

Drag0nSnak3 responds:

Well, since it is 16fps... Thx, i'll try to speed up the fps and draw a bit more detailed in the next episode.