Reviews for "Concentration"


Hey man, nice try. This game type has stood the test of time, but you need to find a way around the click and drag cheat. Apart from that, sweet game.

Incase your wondering, I gave you a ten because of the song. Anything with a Vai number will automatically get a 10 in my books =L


Kept me amused. Well done on the later levels. I have one of them old ball mouses/mice. That adds a challenge. It'd be easier with an optical mouse or trackball.

Good, but boring...

Well it was a good game. The only reason I gave a low score was because it was boring after a certain amount of time. I was also bit worried at first that this was one of those concentration games that when you're in the hard part, a scary image comes out. you know, those games that f**ked up people do to scare others. Anyway, it was good but needs a bit improvement.

Dudewhrsmycar920 responds:

haha yeah im suprised your the only one who said that. Thx for the review.

Need some work.

The colors are harsh on the eyes, its pretty poorly coded and easy.
your on the right track though.
keep it up


The concept is fun. However, try changing the background. The standard red gets old. Also, maybe try a different song for different levels. Also, try making the dot a bit more noticeable.