Reviews for "Concentration"


The concept is fun. However, try changing the background. The standard red gets old. Also, maybe try a different song for different levels. Also, try making the dot a bit more noticeable.

Need some work.

The colors are harsh on the eyes, its pretty poorly coded and easy.
your on the right track though.
keep it up


...It's too easy to cheat in this game. You didn't take out any possible ways to cheat. if ur gonna make a maze game try to make it better than the rest, not just mediocre. One way is to just right click and move your cursor where you want it. Fix that if u can and another is you can just simply hold down the left mouse button and ride over everything to the finish. fix that by making the ground a button that if you click it you lose. end.

Very Funny.

First thing that I think all maze games should have is that you disable the right click and click somewhere else again thingie. I got through all the levels in less than half a minute. =_=