Reviews for "Sonic Remix: Green Hill Zone"

nice beat to a classic game another music remake

this song is making play the game all over again might ass well play 1 2 3. thanks again

Man, this here is some serious n****r shit.

And that's a good thing. Forever and ever.

awsome im the biggest fan of shadow tho

i know this isnt shadows theme but it would be
very cool if you tried to remix shadows theme
so any way 10/10 great job man

Great Job

You did a great job on this song, maybe I should start remixing some Sonic Tracks, I've been noticing people do it a lot recently. and I completely forgot that Sonic is turning 20, man, that's a long time to be a beloved Mascot. I really hope that Nintendo and Sega get together and gets us that game they promised 15 years ago.


I have been so into sonic lately I just played through all the genesis games, loved what you did here! The song was perfect.