Reviews for "Sonic Remix: Green Hill Zone"


amazing man

You sir are a kewl dude.

most excellently done sir. this song brighten my day up instantaneously.


At first I was like "Wow this has a beat!" then i was shakin' my head just havin a good ol' time!I LOVE THIS!Needs a heavier beat though.

awesome awesome awesome

I love the feel of this song. The flow is excellent and to the people who say they can't hear the original beat or things like the beat over powers the song you guys don't know good music. The point of a remix is to have some parts of the song mixed into a song it's part of the style he uses. The song is put together well and if you don't like it's style you shouldn't give like 2 and 5's out of tens.

Anyway sick song!

I like the Music but not great

Awesome the only issue is that the beginning needs more spunk