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Reviews for "Pandemic"


I love this game, absolutly Great! sadly West Europe Had to make me lose THREE TIMES!!! are they safe or what? why couldn't it be more like central or east Europe? Grrrrrr..........



it was friggin awesome the soundtrack goes along with the type of game it is ive never played a game like this it was hard at first but then after about 20 times of playin it i figured out how to kill the world lol anyways good game make more

Took 5 tries

But, "Apophasia" was finally the doom of mankind.

Fun game, but I think that a sense of confusion, chaos, and doom, was lacking in this game. If you are up for making a sequel, then I'd love to see it.

Pretty Cool.

Definatly have a great game, but not too much replay value.

Also, something at the end, like, I don't know, all the people you killed returning as Zombies or something.

Hey, there's a game idea. Create a zombie virus and spread it till it's to late to stop.

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Great work I must say. This is what I wanted "Spore" to be like (with better graphics of course. ;)

One issue I had: How do I get out of/into West Europe?

I gave the 10 for sound because I have an overactive imagination and I heard sirens and ambulances and such in my head. Great work.