Reviews for "Pandemic"

realy fun

infectind all but 1 person by the end of the game which sucked

very innovating

this is game is really great! i hope to see more games like this from you very soon! LOL in africa in asia , there is only one person left. there is only one last frikin person who is infected in each!!!!! NOOOOOO
PS: how do u get to western europe?

great job

i love this game , all though just because a place closes its borders dosen't mean i sould not be able to infect it.

For help

For the people who don't know how to play, just keep pressing the go button (left one) and more people will become infected and die. You will get upgrade points when you reach certain "milestones" i.e. 500 dead, 1000 dead, and so on. Really fun game though hard for me to not get countries closed down. 5/5

good luck in NG awards

great game and i wish you the best of luck in the awards you deserve it