Reviews for "Pandemic"


Love the game, infecting west europe is hard, have not yet got the whole population but trying.

Like to see a lot more options for the virus upgrade t.ex "transmition via animals to humans" "Genetic to cirten types of humans" etc in your sequal :D.

Wonderific Game

So fun to kill off all the people took me a couple of tries but i found animals help spread the virus to everywhere


This is probably one of my favorite games on this site and on the internet. I still havent figured out how to kill the whole world i just cant figure out how to do it. But still this is one of the best games ever.

Awesome Game.

Woot, killed off the human race in 90 days! I love this game, it's a very novel idea, and I don't think another game exists like it. Very well done, but I must agree with some of the other people who are reviewing, in saying that there should have been more news updates. Other than that pretty flawless.

nice game

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