Reviews for "Pandemic"

Great game!

This was fun except stupid western Europe. About 80 days in, I had every continent except western europe infected, and they closed their borders. If you do make a pandemic 2, give a few more options, and at least one airport in every continent. Overall though, this was a great concept and you did it well. Make more! :P

Great Game

a lill' to easy tho... cauz u can u pwn the game doin this: make the virus unlethal, spread it around without worrying of borders closing, then unleash the wrath...

about time

it about time that some one made a game where you had to "kill" the worlds population instead of saving it well done although if this were to happen we would be in so much crap we would think that god himself crapped on us so yeah well done

oh no

i killed about 50% then everything shutdown giving me a total of

320000 dead
55% killed
45% lived

:D yay were all dead

o_o wow i started off in west europe....YAY lol
pandemic 2 and pendemic are both my favorite games the concept for them is just what my imagination likes