Reviews for "Pandemic"

oh yer

wow i killed them all 585000 even west Europe(it says 100% impossible but its not oh well) relay cool i love it 5/5 4 me


How do you get the virus to change shape?

too easy

i found out that u can unmark the symptoms and when i only left sneezing nobody died but all got infected and then i released all symptoms.just make sure u do everything to make the virus resistance better (by the way when all got infected i only had more that 400 deaths)


...Oh, well this is GREAT. I didn't stop until I finally got 100% and it was satisfying. I cannot wait until Pandemic 2.

what this is heaps better then pandemic 2

i think this one is the best of them all but its incredibly esay all u do it when u start getting like 20 points take off all lethealaty stuff and spend the rest on infectivaty because if u do they dont shut the public transit down witch makes it much esayer then when u have like 200 points gets everything and u wipe every one out because by then every place is infected and they dont care about u untill u kill them